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Petitjean SWISS VICE

This exceptional vice from Petitjean is an amazing piece of kit, making fly tying a real pleasure.

It is a true rotary vice, meaning that the hook remains in the centre of rotation whatever the position, and it can be used to dress flies on all hook sizes, from a tiny 32 to a large 9/0.

There are three models available – the Master, the Base, and the Extra Light.

The Master can be set up in three different ways – either with a C-Clamp for attaching on a table edge; with an extension arm, which enables tying further out from the table edge and therefore giving more room to work; and finally there’s a pedestal conversion.

The Master is available in both standard and lightweight versions. The Base model is a heavier and more stable pedestal version, and includes indents in the base for materials and hooks.

Finally, the Extra Light, which manufacturer Marc Petitjean describes as “light in price and light in weight”, is a C-Clamp version only, and is ideal for travel, weighing less than 1lb.


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