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What’s new in SALTWATER TACKLE for 2007

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Eyes on the flies

Before I ever made it onto the bow of a flats boat, I was a fly tier. While I could never get his Magic Head to work just right, I absolutely had to meet Marc Petitjean (, whose fetching CDC patterns changed the way I tied.

If you’ve never seen them, think René Harrop with a Gallic flair.

Along with some fantastic photos of huge marble trout and a fly-caught silure (a monstrous catfish-like creature), I learned of his new vise.

The Swiss-made vise is a remarkable piece of engineering. Not only is it stunning to behold, it offers more features than any other vise on the market. It is available with a C-clamp, pedestal base or in the Master Version with both. It can easily hold hooks from a size 32 all the way to a 9/0; I tried them all. The head can be positioned at an infinite number of positions through a 360-degree swivel arm.

It also features an adjustable full rotary head, which can be converted to a tube-fly vise in seconds. Best of all, minimal adjustment is required to secure the hook, and the Dyna-King-esque lever is easily engaged.

This vise garnered none of the press that was received by the lower-priced Renzetti Presentation Cam series of vises, yet is far more versatile and- I don’t know how else to put it- is much cooler.